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Nicolas Dominique Kern
was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. After a career in business, he traveled the world extensively as a musician. At age 30 he earned an MSW and worked for several years at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Basel, Switzerland as a counselor for addiction problems and family therapy. In 1992 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, where he taught drumming and the power of trance and created and participated in many Rituals and Ceremonies. He was introduced to Bert Hellinger’s work in 1994 and has studied this incredible work with his partner Anya.

Anya Mischiko Kern
was born and raised in South Africa until the age of 6, when her family moved to Germany. She became a certified midwife at the University Hospital in Erlangen, Germany in 1991. Since then she guided hundreds of souls to be born to this world, and couples to develop parenthood. It was through Bert Hellinger’s work that she realized that she was following this passion in honor and respect to her mother and to all women giving life from generation to generation. In 1994 she became a certified Naturopath and counselor. She has trained in Water shiatsu, Wassertanz, Reiki and studied Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now this knowledge contributes her working with Family Constellations: Guiding the ‘family soul’ in the ‘Order of Love’.

Thanks to Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont whom we were lucky to observe frequently during their work in San Francisco. In deep respect to our teachers Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Khalid Rabenbauer and Heinz Stark.

Bert Hellinger

Bert Hellinger is one of Europe’s most respected therapists. He is well known for his profound contributions to the field of psychotherapy. His approach is innovative and compassionate. Now in his seventies, he brings a full lifetime of experience to his work, including 16 years in Africa living with the Zulu. He is a best-selling author and poet, as well as an educator. Two of his books have been translated into English: Touching Love and Love Hidden Symmetry .
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