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Like dancing to the Music of an Orchestra,

when all the Instruments together create the harmony and rhythm which moves us, we are dancing through life to the music played by our Family- clan. How would it feel, when the pianist suddenly stops playing, or the drummer plays only every second beat: What if the trumpet player has to play the guitar instead? Maybe the bass player would play more and louder to fill up the gap.

The tool of FamilyConstellation according to Bert Hellinger uses group participants as surrogate family members.

The participant places them in the room according to his inner picture. In this way, an energy field of this specific family is created that gives astonishingly precise insight into the hidden dynamics. When asked about their feelings and other matters, the chosen family members answer in the place of the real family members, often with such precision that they even catch the posture, tone of voice, physical attributes, or the exact phrasing of the person represented: and this without knowing much about them.

Family Constellations reveal hidden loyalties or forgotten members of our family clan.

They uncover how we secretly and unconsciously, and fueled by deep love, take on sorrows, guilt or pain of our predecessors, in the hope of freeing them from suffering and unhappiness. Not knowing that we hope in vain, we fail: We have to, because in taking on our mothers shame or our fathers sorrow we go against the natural flow of life, cut ourselves off from health and happiness, and in the end weaken the very ones that we want to support. Only if we have the courage to leave their life challenges to them, can we fully live in our own power. For instance, could we ever imagine that unhappiness or health problems could be connected to a stillborn child of our grandmother? Or that difficulties with a current partner could be related to an abortion 15 years ago or even to the former partner of ones mother? The severe illness of a child caused by an adoption?

The same love that creates entanglements heals when it becomes conscious.

Through rearranging the positioning of the family members we find a solution that allows every family member to take up their rightful place in the family system. Everyone's individual fate is accepted and respected, no matter what it is. Then everyone can feel honored and achieves dignity.

This will free the flow of love and strength in the family

and each individual member is then able to live a fulfilling life according to their own purpose. Illness, relationship problems, personal or professional dissatisfaction are (then) seen in a whole new light. The healing powers within begin to unfold.

As every member of the Orchestra is free and honoured to play his own instrument the best way he can, the Music unfolds .

The Dance of Love blossoms to new light.

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